Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Final Review Of SDCC 2011 - Plenty Of Pics!

So my apologies for the lengthy gap between my previous post and this, the last one for a long while. It's taken a while to compile all of the great photographs that I got, and some of them are really fun. But before the barrage of glittering eye-candy, a quick look back at 5 days of Comic Con madness.

First, the fans. You guys are nuts! And I mean that in the most cool way possible. I thought I was a big fan of our shows, but the amount of facts many of you were able to recall at will, it was impressive to say the least. Of course, with extreme fandom comes an extreme need for collectibles, and we just could not give out bags, buttons and other goodies fast enough. The Gannicus buttons, well, they were scooped up  so fast I didn't even bag one for myself. Luckily, I know people...that was corrected pronto!

I also loved meeting all of you, and my time at the Starz booth was both too short and too long. Yes, that's weird, but as much as I wanted to hang around and chew the fat, I had other things to do as the Insider, and finding a balance was tough. I did get a pic with Spartacus though.

And of course, the Spartacus cast visit blew everyone away. First it was on, then off, then on again. All I can say is one word - security. That was the reason we were unsure of the visit, but when it did happen, Manu, Katrina, Liam and Steven were awesome, and Manu kept leaping into the crowd to take pictures with people. You should have seen the security folks, they looked like they were about to have a nervous breakdown. 

Speaking of cast visit, John Barrowman, Capt. Jack Harkness himself, stopped by out of the blue to have his picture taken with a sweaty, chiseled gladiator. Can't imagine why. 

Now, I did promise pics and I have plenty, so I've sorted them into various "buckets" for you all. First, some terrific shots of the Torchwood cast that we took during the press roundtables. If you've never been to a roundtable before, it's like speed-dating with celebrities. They were all very cool about it, they've clearly done it numerous times. Me, my head was spinning and two hours went by in two minutes. An amazing experience, one I hope to repeat next year. 

John Barrowman - Captain Jack Harkness

Eve Myles - Gwen Cooper 

Cheekiest smile ever? I think so.

Mekhi Phifer - Rex Matheson

Bill Pullman - Oswald Danes

Alexa Havins - Esther Drummond

Jane Espenson - Writer and word guru

And now, the Spartacus roundtable pics...

Lucy Lawless - Lucretia

Come on...I had to. It's Lucy and Dustin. 

Dustin Clare - Gannicus

Many Bennett - Crixus

Manu was this intense the whole time. A deep guy.

Liam McIntyre - Spartacus, and Steven DeKnight - Writer, creator.

Call me lazy if you like, or call me expeditious, but here is just a host of shots that were taken during my 5-day stay at Comic Con. I had a great time meeting all of you, there are way too many to mention everyone but I will say hi to the girls at Ausxip, Manda Skelton, Tonya, the British ladies at Propstore (accents of the world unite) and everyone else who made it a great 2011. See you next year, I hope!

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