Thursday, July 21, 2011

Preview Evening at SDCC - The Hordes Descended!

My first experience at the SDCC was something of an eye-opener, and I loved it. This is my crowd, my people and I met a ton of viewers who love Spartacus, Torchwood and Camelot. I had the chance to chat with many fans, and when I say fans I mean hardcore, knows the scripts backwards, give a right lung to see something before anyone else kind of fans.
The atmosphere was electric and maniacal. When the doors opened at 5pm the floodgates opened. We were inundated with requests for buttons, bags and INFORMATION! Make no mistake, these fans knew what they wanted, and they wanted scoops. It took all my effort not to reveal anything, some were so genuinely obsessed.
Anyway, I took the liberty of grabbing as many shots as I could of the opening night. Check out the mad scene that is Comic Con 2011. It's just not something that a few images can get across, and the attention the Starz booth received was unprecedented!

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  1. Is there going to be any Torchwood swag at Comic Con this year? Also, any idea if/when Starz will be selling any Torchwood merch through their website?